Sunday, May 03, 2009

Down the memory lane (AutoArranger)

This was my first ActiveX control that I sold in 2001. The product saw an immediate death when Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2002/2003 which provided similar functionality built right into the IDE. Now I can proudly say that I was competing with Microsoft back in 2001-2002 ;)

AutoArranger aims at delivering accurate object alignment and placement. BTW, I also designed the product logo. Here is the description of the product with About screen:

AutoArranger is a programmer's utility ActiveX Control. It is a powerful tool that can control height, width and font size of an object and aims at delivering accurate object alignment to suite different screen resolutions and size. AutoArranger is a programmer friendly tool that allows the programmer to set properties by the click of the mouse using the intelligent property pages. When placed on a form, it automatically aligns controls to adjust under different screen resolutions and sizes. The object has been designed in Visual Basic 6.0 and can run on Windows environment (including Windows 95/98/NT/2000) or other platforms that support OLE automation.

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