Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The forgotten partner – Innovation

We have great ideas, sharp minds, will and energy to make it happen – the basic ingredients that lead to innovation. We continuously acquire knowledge by understanding the primitives and mastering the advanced concepts. We live and breathe technology with the dream of making a difference. Young, dynamic, adventurous, daring, flexible are some of the words that define us. What we need is financial security, social status, experience and networks. We are about to enter the IT industry.

Move 5 years forward into the present – 2010. Job is priority #1 and we follow our roles and duties judiciously and religiously. We are travelling to US, Europe and Australia. Living the dreams and enjoying life. We have been tagged successful. All secondary objectives are met. However, innovation has taken backstage. A small group of us is still finding this weird. Why I call it weird is because there certainly is an expectation mismatch. People who always banked on innovation find the mundane and clerical nature of the IT industry unacceptable. An innovator's mind needs freedom, and creativity comes from thoughts. The current state of the industry does not permit these. Some of us have adapted, while some are still analyzing. Adaption is not difficult, actually, it is the easy way out – it’s just changing oneself and behaving like others to live an easy life. In fact some of us have already accepted this.

Industry needs innovation and a small group is working on this. But what fun is it if you are not in the driver’s seat and are not leading the initiative? This means following and living the ideas of others, some of which could have been done in a totally different way. Does this require a dedicated effort, or can it be squeezed into the routine operations? The answer to this depends, but innovation needs focus. How important is it for an individual? If one has already tasted the pleasure of innovation, it becomes an integral flavor …

This is not a submission, this is a new beginning.