Tuesday, July 24, 2007

my first live online meeting demo !!!!

Yupiiiiiii .... today was my first live online meeting demo... we are making a mobile phone application for one of our client ... the meeting was in US and my job was to sent database update command [I won't disclose the technology used ;) ... and by no means will I discuss the implementation :P ] from a mobile phone (which has our sender application) in India to a mobile phone (which has our application) in US .... wonderful experience !! just loved it !!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

From concepts to implementation

In mobile world we deal more with concepts than with implementation. The advantange is that we learn more and build a strong base ... the other-side is that your estimates go haywire if you consider just the implementation. For example, not only you have to know about Caching Application Block, but you also need to know how to make it yourself :) since you might not find an implementation.

... more on this later ...... keep watching ...

The first rule of security is that you have to assume the client's been compromised

... more coming-up soon .....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

oops !!!

We are not in the era of procedural-languages wherein calling a function will do the required action. We now deal with objects, functions behavior depending upon the state of the object. So it is very important that the before trying/suggesting anything, we know the context where the thing will be used and the object's currect state.